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Module 9: Logistics & Infrastructure Issues

Logistics and infrastructure are two mutually interdependent elements within security environments.

This module focuses on the systems and frameworks which comprise logistics and infrastructure at national, regional and local levels. The importance of protecting and maintaining supply chains, along with their dependent services is explored by means of relevant case studies with particular emphasis on issues involved in securing pipelines and power plants.

What you will be able to do

On successful completion of this module you will be able to:
  • Define and distinguish between the concepts of logistics and infrastructure
  • Identify the various stages in supply chain management including, planning, implementation and the control of good and/or services, and relate understandings to given contexts
  • Identify the problems and fluctuations in supply chain operations and provide a range of practical solutions.
  • Demonstrate both confidence and competence in recognising, implementing and managing relevant operational procedures in crisis situations
  • Identify and prioritise the conservation and protection of key elements of the supply chain and indicate how best to ensure their security.

Assessment Arrangements

The Assessment arrangements comprise two parts; the first by means of in-class exercises; the second, to identify potential threats to the supply chain together with mitigating measures.

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