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Module 8: Facilities Security

Facilities security represents one of the major areas of growth within the UK in light of the dramatically increased rates of criminal activity directed towards facilities such as rail depots, storage facilities and commercial buildings.

This module considers the extensive and diverse range of security needs which face organisations within the public and private sectors, along with how they are currently addressed, whether by human guarding and security, remotely by electronic means and different forms of blended provision in operation.

Participants will consider both good and practice within the security industry by means of critical incidents which raise issues of contingency planning and preparedness, not least the dangers of using ‘off-the-shelf’ packages, as opposed to creating integrated provision. Along with these issues, participants will consider issues relating to the management, storage and use of sensitive information. Clearly, these considerations have significant implications for training which will be considered within the module.

What you will be able to do

On successful completion of this module you will be able to:
  • Evidence a critical understanding of the distinctive features, the claimed advantages and disadvantages and consequent challenges of particular facilities management arrangements
  • Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of and competence in the codes and procedures operating in different security settings
  • Formulate realistic and workable arrangements for managing a range of possible contingencies
  • Manage and use appropriately sensitive intelligence regarding potential threats, along with plans for their mitigation and elimination
  • Design and indicate how training might be introduced for frontline operatives.

Assessment Arrangements

The Assessment arrangements comprise two parts; the first comprising a risk audit for a given venue; the second, to identify the principal security management features and vulnerabilities of a range of different venues.

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