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Module 7: Business Continuity & Contingency Planning

This module explores first the principal definitions of business continuity and business continuity management. Key to long-term strategic planning are the resilience, recovery and contingency plans in place to ensure that business and other activities survive a disruption, whether it be cyber, terrorist or from a natural human or mechanical disaster. The business continuity plan is the core plank in the organisation and participants will view a range of these plans from different organisations and evaluate their worth.

Contingency planning is a secondary plank of the core activities of companies. The final part of the module focuses on models of business continuity and identifies the respective merits of each; which are fit for purpose, are good practice and which do not create a resilient organisation.

What you will be able to do

On successful completion of this module you will be able to:
  • Demonstrate an informed understanding of the principal range of definitions of business continuity
  • Identify, explain and distinguish between different definitions and identify the conditions and circumstances within which different approaches best apply
  • Demonstrate a practical, working knowledge of the stages of business continuity and planning, and the roles and responsibilities involved
  • Outline the defining features of the main extremist ideologies and summarise their operational features
  • Communicate effectively the roles and responsibilities within an operational team and manage their implementation.

Assessment Arrangements

The Assessment arrangements comprise two parts; the first by means of in-class exercises; the second, the development of business continuity management plans which show how hazards and threats may be mitigated.

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