Module 12: The Socio-psychology of Security Operations

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This final module of the Security Management Programme represents a varied and ambitious diet of topics and tasks. It seeks to integrate those generic themes and issues occurring throughout the course, relating them to the broader notions of professional and organisational development.

Thus far in the programme, the emphasis has tended to focus on the structural aspects of organisations and their operation, whilst the socio-emotional aspects have been incidental considerations. This module considers these complex and problematic Issues, and their relationship to security operations in terms of topics such as behaviour detection and profiling, along with selection processes.

It presents for examination and exploration notions of preference and style in leadership, communication, emotional intelligence and those aspects of organisational structures which support and/or inhibit effective operation. In short, the personal and social aspects of learning, development and professional practice in terms of managing security arrangements and operations lie at the heart of this module.

What you will be able to do
On completion of this module you will be able to:
  • Demonstrate a sound practical understanding of the human sides of organisations and their operations
  • Identify those factors which contribute to effective interpersonal relationships in the achievement of personal and organizational goals
  • Evidence critical reflection and management of personal capabilities and preferences, along with an understanding of the motivations and preferences of others
  • Demonstrate familiarity and capability in using a range of diagnostic audits and inventories of individual and organizational factors.
Assessment arrangements
The Assessment arrangements comprise two parts; the first by means of in-class exercises; the second, an evaluation of informal social processes in operation in an organisation.

The Socio-psychology of Security Operations