Module 11: Leading & Managing Security Organisations

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The nature of the security industry requires that structures and personnel need to be flexible, responsive and agile, capable of responding effectively to turbulent and changing conditions. Given these conditions more traditional organisational structures and associated management and leadership configurations are ill-suited.

This module explore notions of management and leadership and the consequent need for the appropriate deployment of approaches to their discharge using Goleman’s Six Styles of Leadership. The workshop also considers notions of organisational culture, group and team working and how these can be effectively deployed at operational, tactical and strategic levels.

What you will be able to do
On completion of this module you will be able to:
  • Demonstrate a sound knowledge of different structures present in security organisations
  • Identify and account for those factors which constitute organizational culture and how culture is expressed in day-to-day working
  • Evidence a sound understanding of Goleman’s six leadership styles and the respective merits in operational terms of each.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the features of effective teams and those roles which commonly contribute to effective team work.
Assessment arrangements
The Assessment arrangements comprise two parts; the first by means of in-class exercises; the second, a critical assessment of the respective features of different leadership styles and how these are reflected in organisational structures.

Leading & Managing Security Organisations