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Protecting Public Spaces Against Terror Attacks

Carl's video presentation to the Counter Terrorism and Extremism Event on the 19th of June 2019.

TPSO - The June Newsletter 'Security Managers of the Future'

Just out! The first newsletter to focus on helping you develop your career in security. The industry is changing. Future security managers will be expected to lead on this and good quality training will be essential.

Silverback at the Counter Terrorism and Extremism 2019 Event

We have been invited to deliver a case study "Protecting Public Spaces Against Terror Attacks – Raising Standards And Ensuring Currency" at the Government Event "Counter Terrorism and Extremism 2019: Protecting The Nation From Home And Global Threats", on June 19, 2019.

Extremists do not discriminate

Pollstar journalist, Gideon Gottfried, interviewed Silverback facilitator and director Carl Dakin at the E3S – Event Safety & Security Summit in October 2018. They discussed the work of Carl’s company, Dakin Consulting Ltd, and the challenges of providing security services to live events in the context of possible terrorist threats.

Countering terrorism – where to start?

Carl Dakin ​ QGM, MSc, FdA, MSyI I was originally prompted to write these blogs by the announcement in 2017 of Manchester United’s intention to appoint a Counter Terrorism (CT) Manager. It surprised me that the Manchester United security team were not already ‘match fit’ in terms of deterring and responding to any terrorist threats to their premises and facilities.

Why should you consider an academic qualification?

The journey through an academic qualification will increase your ability to meet challenges head on and overcome them, a trait both valued and desired by employers.

What Goal Keepers Do

Have you ever wondered why goal-keepers always dive when faced with a penalty shot? Think about it. What makes them dive right or left?

Using Language

Words, words! Slippery little devils, aren’t they? How often do we find ourselves saying “Yes, I know I said that, but I didn’t mean it like that!” Huh, when in hole…

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