Patrick Smith Emeritus Professor, MA


Professor Patrick Smith does not fall into the normal pattern of the academic professor, though he has published extensively on the subjects of learning, education and the role of each in leadership.

His main interests are on how people learn, both formally and informally, and how the workplace can serve as a source of learning and development.  Patrick’s passion centres on how people transform their experience into useful and productive knowledge.  In over 50 years he has facilitated learning events in tents, on firing ranges, in derelict buildings, outdoor and indoor arenas, post-op recovery wards and in conventional lecture theatres, conference centres and classrooms.

The observations and insights that comprise his experience developed in collaboration with others resulted in the concept of Learning in the Round – a process in which learners, specialists and facilitators come together to share knowledge, experience and insights in order to create new understandings and knowledge.  Learning in the Round is an evolving process to which all parties contribute and in which all parties learn.  It represents the distinctive learning and facilitation methods which support Silverback programmes.

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